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Ground transportation

Our ground transportation division is integrated as a link in the multimodal service that Grupo Logra offers within its service network. To do this, our carrier has a fleet of tractor trailers equipped with the latest technology in satellite tracking, accident prevention systems, safety sensors of opening in gates, among others, that today we can ensure to our clients the maximum integrity of the cargo.  

A fundamental part of our service is counting on highly qualified employees, certified in operations of food grade and materials, covering the highest standards of safe operation in food plants, cement plants, distribution centers and all those that by their nature require a specialized operation. 

Our service platform covers turnings equipment, gravity hoppers both single and doubles. We also have secondary network equipment of tortons for local transfers and for the region of southeastern Mexico.

Type of load
  • Agricultural bulk

  • Mineral Bulk

  • Liquid Bulk

  • General cargo

  • Containerized cargo

Leading Technology
  • High technology ground units

  • GPS

  • Surveillance and Control Cameras

  • Remote monitoring of operator fatigue.

  • Tracking 24 hours

  • Deliveries in a time and manner

Reliable operation

We transport your cargo safely and confidently through an experienced team of professional operators, who have been trained to ensure an efficient delivery of your products.